Equipping generations to carry the lamp of God’s love

Equipping generations to carry the lamp of God’s love

When Ruth’s mum first became an SU ministry volunteer, little did she know the multiplying impact it would have on future generations.

Fast forward to today and Ruth is carrying on her mum’s legacy, volunteering on missions and helping the next generation experience God’s love and Good News!

“Mum had done Beach Missions many years ago at Barwon Heads, and I knew I wanted to do something similar. I just didn’t know how to talk to people about God,” recalls Ruth. 

Thanks to faithful friends like you, Ruth has been able to access opportunities through SU to grow in her faith and become equipped to support other young people wanting to explore those bigger questions in life around faith, meaning and purpose. 

When an internship opportunity came up at SU’s Camp Coolamatong, it turned out to be the perfect place for Ruth to spread her wings and grow in her faith. Camp Coolamatong has been running year-round camps and internships in east Victoria for over 50 years, and Ruth was really excited for the chance to sign up for a one-year internship.

“This internship has shown me how much I like teaching kids. It’s a potential stepping stone to my calling,” says Ruth.

“God’s love has really solidified my faith. It’s challenged me to think about my own reasons for following Christ and what he’s done in my own life.”

Through the internship, Ruth has grown in her leadership skills, running activities, planning programs and leading outdoor activities like canoeing, climbing, archery and hiking. She’s also been equipped to walk alongside the next generation and help them experience God’s love – though at times it has been stretching.

“At first I had lots of doubts about my ability to lead a group. I was faced with a lot of growth in a short amount of time. But because of this, I’ve grown stronger in my relationship with God, and am learning to surrender and rely fully on him,” says Ruth.

“Looking back on where I started to where I am now, I feel like I’ve really grown. This internship has been such a great opportunity to devote a whole year to God, learn and read the Bible, and be in a Christian environment.”

The best part about Ruth’s story is that her story is only possible because of the seeds planted years ago by pioneers like her mum, and faithful supporters like you whose prayers and financial support continue to give opportunities for our young people to discover life and find their place in God’s big story. 

“When this Coolamatong internship came up, I knew it was where God wanted me to be,” says Ruth.

Your support for our Discovering Life Appeal this tax time will go directly to giving more young people like Ruth opportunities to grow in their faith, and be trained and equipped to help future generations experience God’s love and Good News.

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