Lizzie finds her answers in the Bible on camp

Lizzie finds her answers in the Bible on camp

Across Australia your support is helping young people like Lizzie discover life as they engage with the Bible, and are encouraged to meet with God daily through prayer.

As the end of this financial year draws near, we’re inviting our SU Australia family of supporters to help keep this vital work going – and growing – to impact more communities with God’s love, life and purpose.

In April, 15 year old Lizzie attended her first SU Australia Wild Wee Jasper camp, where she joined other high-school-aged young people for an action-packed week of adventure and ‘digging deeper’ in God.

For Lizzie, camp was an opportunity to make friends and have fun, but more than that, she was given the space to explore the questions she had about her own faith journey.

“It’s a great fun week of camping, but there’s the talks and the Christian atmosphere that makes it a really super experience,” says Lizzie.

Just two years ago, Lizzie was baptised and had always considered herself as ‘part of the family’, but she still had many questions that she was wrestling with. Through SU camps like Wild Wee Jasper, young people like Lizzie are supported by volunteer leaders who can come alongside them as they journey in their faith.

“This was such a great opportunity for me to expand my thoughts, and think deeper about what it means to be a Christian,” says Lizzie.

Journeying alongside Lizzie and the other campers were volunteers like Hannah, who herself began as an SU camper just a few years ago.

“This year we held a series of talks from the book of Ephesians, and spent time looking at the book in our small groups as well. Through these passages, campers had the chance to explore what it means to live as a Christian, in light of what Jesus has done for us,” says Hannah,

The message had a significant impact on Lizzie.

I’ve been struggling for a while with why we do good works if Jesus has already saved us. Camp was so helpful because it helped me unpack that idea and get a better understanding of the ‘why’ behind how we live our lives as Christians.”

Lizzie also valued the opportunity to not just connect with other young Christians wrestling with various questions, but also the opportunity to be present with God and read the Bible for herself.

“The experience was quite amazing, especially the times when we really looked deeper into the Scriptures, and got to spend time reflecting by ourselves… I found it really meaningful.

In the busy world we live in, it can be so tricky to find opportunities to spend time with God.

Through your support, you are creating safe spaces and opportunities for young people to engage with God, grow deeper in their faith, and be part of a community that encourages and supports them in walking with Jesus.

This vital work is not possible without you. You can help keep this vital work going and growing in your local region. Click on the links below to give to our Discovering Life Appeal before 30 June.

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